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Why you should track your runs in 2021

Virtual Runners have many tools that can be used to measure outdoor running. These tools are important for recording distance, pace, and other important factors regarding the performance of completed virtual running training. This data can be helpful even without training for the event. If you want to keep any form of training log, you can review this data regularly to determine the expected end time and to set pace goals for future runs.



If you are training for a 5K or marathon. A running diary can be very helpful in making a training plan. Once you have a weekly plan and completion, check and train consistently to avoid overtraining. With long-term planning, you can create structure and stability to successfully reach your goals!

Goal Achievement

Goals can be helped by a virtual running diary. If you aim to lose weight through increased exercise, record your weight weekly. Or if you want to increase your mileage, make sure your mileage is recorded. It may not be happening right away, but by tracking these numbers as they change over time, you'll know what's working and what's not.


Analysing your running diary can be a great reflex exercise that highlights your progress and dedication over time. If you need motivation, or proof that your fitness is changing, you can get it from your virtual running diary.

How to Record Runs

It is helpful to know your speed and distance. However, it is more helpful to record these indicators and use the figures to change training. There are several ways to record important run information.

1) Online / Websites / Apps

Most phones apps also have websites. When data is collected by the application, it is stored on the website. Once your account is set up, you can log in to the website and view your run statistics. It can display run history and all statistics of recent runs. Of course, you can display data from your application. However, in many cases, displaying data on a larger screen is easier to manage. Most GPS watches also have a website.

2) Paper Diary

Using a paper diary for many people is the most efficient way to record the data that is being performed. You don't need a Wi-Fi connection, phone, or computer to record or view information. You can use spiral notes and other paper journals.

3) Google / Word Docs

Computer-based logging and manual logging can be used together. Use computer software such as Microsoft Word and Excel to create simple graphs to track progress. Keep a record of your training When you start, recheck regularly to see your progress. You can learn how to reach your goals and understand why they are not improving as needed. When tracking food, you can see what works best for your performance.


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