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How to Recycle Your Old Running Shoes In 2022

Look in your garage or closet; we're willing to bet that, like many runners, you have a collection of worn-out running shoes on the floor.

These shoes pile up faster than we'd expect, whether it's because we grow attached to a pair after putting serious miles on them or because we're saving them for yard work or the occasional "painting the house" project.

But suppose you're prepared to part with your old running shoes and move on. First of all, don't just throw them in the trash can unless they've been all but destroyed. It takes a lot of energy and synthetic materials to make a pair of running shoes, so recycling is preferred whenever practical.

Always remember that cutting back on your consumption is the best way to lessen your impact. Before purchasing a new pair of shoes, try to wear your current pair all the way out. Running shoes typically maintain their structural integrity for 300 to 500 miles, and we estimate that many shoes don't complete their entire life cycle before users upgrade to the newest and best models.

Without further ado, we've provided some suggestions for recycling your used running shoes that will have a positive, long-term impact.

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