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According to the specificity rule of training, we must practice our chosen sports if we want to get better at them.

So yes, the best way to improve your running is to run. If you have limited time, spend the majority of it running. However, those who are well-rounded and superior all-around athletes tend to be the fastest and most powerful runners.

Running enthusiasts who have had the pleasure of working with Matt Stevens or me know how important strength, stability, power, and balance are.

Without these, runners' bodies will continue to deteriorate from the intense training they subject them to.

Strength training has numerous advantages for runners, among them: -Improved running economy due to "neuromuscular" changes in how the brain activates the muscles you already have.

Improved maximal sprint efficiency and speed results in faster racing and better performance.

Through "stiffer" and "springier" tendons, the stride is more effective.

-Decreased danger of overuse injuries.

Level up your running knowledge

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