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Best glute stretches for runners in 2022

Stretching! It's not often that this phrase makes runners happy. Most of us detest stretching and frequently avoid doing it. However, the majority of training approaches state that it is necessary as a component of a comprehensive training programme.

Stretching should always be a part of your cool down after a run, whether it is an interval session, hill repetition, recovery run, or long run.

Although it's good to stretch all of the muscles you used during a given activity, this article will concentrate primarily on glute stretches for runners. Additionally, it will include instances of particular glute stretches that runners of all levels can do after their runs.

What Advantages Do Glute Stretches For Runners Offer?

In addition to enhancing joint range of motion, overall running performance, and muscle blood flow, stretching has other positive effects on our general muscle health and running recovery. It can also lessen the likelihood of injury, muscle cramping, and post-workout pain. All excellent justifications to include it in your training!

Let's examine our gluteal muscles and why running relies so heavily on them.

The Glute Muscles: What Are They?

The gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteas minimus are a trio of separate muscles that make up our "glutes" or gluteal muscle

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