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Summer virtual running: three top tips for running in the heat

Heat is the most difficult factor for virtual runners to train. Heat and humidity have two effects on training and virtual challenges, affecting both long-term and short-term performance. While exercising or racing in the heat, your performance will suffer for three other reasons. These THREE tips will help you understand why running is so difficult in the heat and learn how to properly coordinate exercise and racing and maximise performance.

1. Drink water

A hot body sweats to evaporate heat and cool the body. Sweat loses electrolytes like sodium and potassium and needs to be replenished. This means that the supply of water is very important. Before you run, make sure you are not filling and drinking plenty of water all day long. And when running, listen to your body and drink to your thirst. Simply put, if you are sweating or thirsty, drink more. Invest in a portable runner water bottle, water vest, or running belt to carry moisture with you. Or see if you can plan a route through some public fountains along the way.

2. When & How fast?

You should always warm up before running, especially when the temperature is high. I want to gradually increase my heart rate rather than starting too early. The same is true when the execution is finished. Walk slowly and gradually reduce the speed including time. It helps regulate your heart rate and cools your body a little. Morning temperatures are usually the coolest in summer. It will also give you a break of hours in the strongest sunlight. if you are not morning people wait until late at night when the sun starts to sink. Temperatures will be better than midday, and humidity may drop as well.

3. Focus on your safety

Running with friends - Makes running with friends more tolerable while overcoming the heat. If you're participating in a large group run.

Indoor training - Consider changing your style - running indoors with air-conditioning.

Above all, it's fun, fun to play, and common sense! Most of us have experienced this weather only for the last few months of this year. Before you know it, we complain it's too cold.

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