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Here are four ways you can become a runner in 2022

Even though running is simple to learn and requires little equipment, getting into a jogging regimen in 2022 might be difficult. You may want some advice when you begin running, depending on whether you are starting from scratch or returning after a sabbatical. When the weather is terrible, you might not have access to a treadmill, you might not feel comfortable jogging with a group, and you might not have reliable childcare. Don't allow these things get in the way of your running! In 2022, there are still opportunities to begin running.

Come up with a strategy.

Consider what you'll need to get started running, when you'll start running, and where you'll run. To plan things out, use a planner, calendar, or running diary. Running/walk intervals every other day, or three times a week, is a terrific place to start. Make sure you don't take on too much at once.

Be adaptable when it comes to your jogging.

The most common complaint I hear from runners right now is that it's been difficult to find time to run. These days, parents with small children are having a lot of difficulty with childcare.

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