Avocado 5K Challenge

🥑 The avocado challenge is here! What is the distance? Check out the number on the medal! Complete the 5K distance in as many goes as you need. All at your own pace! Walk, Cycle, Run, Swim etc. Whatever is most suitable for you.  


Entry + Medal (£13.50) Includes:

  • Entry + Avocado 5K Challenge Medal
  • Certificate
  • Free Delivery For UK (Small International Shipping Fee)
  • Medal Dispatched On Completion


Entry + Medal + Tshirt (£32.50) Includes:

  • Avocado 5KChallenge Unisex T-shirt
  • Free Delivery T-Shirt Worldwide for T-Shirt
  • Entry + Avocado 5K Challenge Medal
  • Certificate
  • Medal - Free Delivery For UK (Small International Shipping Fee)



  • Complete 5K in any activity (Running, Cycling, Walking, Cardio Machines or anything suitable)
  • 10% of all profit goes to NHS CHARITY 
  • Once submitted, we will send out your medal within 3 working days!


Avocado 5K Challenge

  • I am not from the UK, can I enter?

    100% Yes. We have challengers across the globe. These challenges are for everyone! There are small delivery fees for customers outside the UK.

    How does this virtual challenge work?

    A virtual challenge is a challenge that you control, at your own pace, whenever is best with you! Enter the Challenge, complete the distance, submit the evidence form. Earn your award for your hard work.

    How do I submit evidence?

    Fill out the submission form, when we receive the form, the award will be sent to you in the post. If you want the medal earlier, pop us an email and we can arrange something.

    Can I complete the distance over multiple goes?

    Yes of course