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Why should you enter a virtual challenge?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Firstly, what is a virtual challenge? A virtual challenge is a challenge that you control, at your own pace, whenever is best with you! Complete the challenge, submit the evidence form. Earn your medal for your hard work!

But WHY spend money on something you can do without the medal? A good question that a lot of people will think before entering the challenge. It is a SELF INVESTMENT... How many times do you say 'I am going to do something' and 2 days in, you give up. This medal gives you an incentive to finish the challenge, overcome barriers. Gaining amazing benefits whilst completing the challenge! 

Ask yourself the same question after you complete the challenge when you receive the medal. It is not going to be easy, but it is worth it! 

There are various running virtual companies, running is something that once you start running, it turns into a habit very quickly. How you said to yourself that you are going to read a book before going to bed but you forget the next day? Why can these habits be as simple to develop as running or physical habits. This is where a wellness challenge is for you! An incentive for yourself to stuck consistent with an wellness activity with will hopefully increase the chances of it turning into a habit!

So hopefully this answers the question. The real question is, what is the wellness habit you want to develop. Now with the wellness challenge, it can turn into a reality.

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