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Why can I not stay consistent with my wellness activities? (VIRTUAL WELLNESS CHALLENGE)

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Have you ever tried to stay something new like i am going to meditate every day for now on or I am going to read my book before going to bed for 20 mins. My favourite is, 'I am not going to go on my phone before going to bed'.

I have said and tried all of these activities and the first few days, I stayed consistent, I achieved my goal. But why after a few weeks do I lose that mindset of wanting to do that wellness activity despite understanding the amazing benefit of the activity.

Lets compare to fitness goals, if you aim to lose body. If you rush into it trying to eat as little as calories in the first few days, that is not sustainable. You will get hungry and your mind and body will not give up after a few weeks, you end up binge eating and any progress will lose. Hence, small steps each week will make a bigger difference. Making small chances in your eating lifestyle, your fitness lifestyle. Results will come. Be patent.

This can work in various wellness activities. Being severely dyslexic, reading has always

been a challenge, my small steps may be reading 2 pages each day. 2 PAGES! That may be nothing, but if i was going to say I am going to read for 30 minutes each day. Do you think really I would be able to achieve that for 1 week straight away, I would get bored, I would get annoyed, I would not appreciate the benefits of reading. My aim is to achieve that but that is another long term goal.

Now you do physical activities such as running , football or any sport, you will receive endorphins afterwards, you have that feel good factor that that you have worked hard, seeking short term gains because you feel good afterwards. Now, does that happen with wellness activities? This is a challenge, wellness activities help me with a positive mindset, helps us with all the other daily routines in our day to day life. Some may think, 'We will not gain a 6 pack from meditation every day' or 'I am not going to run 26 miles if i do not go on my phone before bed'. Have a little think, meditation can help us be more focused during the date, making the workout more productive helping us to achieve that fitness goal. And getting a more quality sleep will help you with recovery so that are you are able to run more effectively.

There are various wellness activities such as: Daily steps, Goal planning, Reading, Meditation and many more will help us more than we think. If we work developing these habits step by step, you will see improvements in other aspects in life.

That is why at I CHALLENGE MYSELF, we have created a wellness challenge helping you to develop wellness habits. An incentive of a wellness medal stamps an accomplishment in new habits.In this challenge, you fill out a GOAL SETTING WELLNESS form which is below where you write your goals and write the benefits of the goals!

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