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Why Are Dynamic Stretches Essential For Runners!

Years ago, warm ups were no recommended, just run run run! Today, warming up is essential to reduce lack of injury and make your run more effective!

But there are stretching which is more suitable than others. So what is most effective way of warming up!


There is a major difference between static and dynamic stretches. Dynamic stretches is recommended as part of a warm up and static stretches is used for cool down. Dynamic stretching are movements increasing range of motion for the joints. A static is holding a still stretch for 15-30 seconds. It is recommended to perform dynamic stretching before you run because:

  • Increases body heat and blood flow which looses the tendons and muscles.

  • Improve flexibility and mobility for will maximise performance and reduce the risk of injury

  • Positive mindset before the run

There are various dynamic stretches which are suitable for runners. It is vital for you to warm for any physical activity.

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