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What is a virtual challenge

A virtual challenge is a fitness goal that runs, cycles, walks, swims or rolls a specific distance for a specified amount of time. Anyone can participate regardless of ability and can complete as many times as needed at their own pace from any position. It's an amazing way to stay healthy and motivated to reach your personal fitness goals.

How does a virtual challenge work?

Different virtual challenge companies have their own different policies. You select the challenge that you want to enter. Depending on the company you select, you may start the challenge after you sign up or maybe it's for a future date so you are reserving your spot. After you have completed the challenge or the distance. You can upload your evidence by sending the evidence to the company. Once you have sent your submission in, all you can do is wait for your medal. In some cases, you can request for your medal to be sent early. Maybe you are from the other side of the world, the medal could take a few weeks to arrive! You want to open your medal once you have finished the distance.

Sum this up

Find a virtual challenge company

Sign up to a challenge

Check the completion requirements

Send in your evidence to the company

Wait till your medal arrives

Celebrate your win

There are many reasons why many runners / swimmers/ walkers love virtual challenges. Many benefits include:

1. You can complete your challenge at any time.

Do you have any plans today? Start the challenge tomorrow. Isn't it an advance reservation? It can be run in the afternoon or evening.

2. Virtual Challenges motivate you.

Do you need that extra motivation? Perhaps a virtual challenge is what you need to get back on track with your goals. In the context of fitness, many need to continue to reach their goals. The runner may not change either.

3. You can run anywhere you like.

Find a company on the other side of the world. In traditional races, all the passes planned by the race organiser are packed. Plan your route through virtual races. This means you don't have to face many uphills if you're not ready. You can select the surrounding environment. Perhaps you prefer a nearby park with a scenic river view. Or you may just want to run in front of a TV on a treadmill at home.

4. Is it just you!

Virtual challenges, no one is watching, so you don't have to worry about what others think.For beginner runners,

5. There are no travel or accommodation costs.

Virtual Challenges are very cheap when you compare to real races. Some races mean long journey times and hotel and oil values. This often happens after paying the cost of the race itself. Virtual Challenges completely eliminates these costs. The cost of the race itself is lower than that of a traditional race, because usually less logistics is required. Also you still get medals.

8. There is no time limit.

This is another big plus for beginners. Virtual challenges have no time limit. You go at your own pace - without worrying whether things might end before you cross the finish line.

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