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A virtual run or challenge, is a run or multiple runs which you complete within a fixed period of time, in our case most of our virtual runs or challenges last for one month , send us evidence that you completed it and we will shower you in praise, plus we'll send you our beautiful finishers medal to add to your collection or even better, start your collection.

There's no better time to get started with a Virtual Run or a Virtual Challenge than right now!

Spring is undoubtedly when running is at its most popular, with various races and competitions taking place across the world. From city marathons to local 10k’s, runners usually have an abundance of choice. However, as social distancing becomes the new norm, running has changed in 2021. Enter; virtual challenges.

But what is a virtual running challenge? How do you complete one? Can you still run with others? I CHALLENGE MYSELF AWARDS have all the information you need to know to enter a virtual challenge in 2021


In both time and distance, virtual running challenges can be as long as you like. Set a time to run either during the race period or on your own schedule. You can run or walk on a road or treadmill and either alone or with a group of friends. It’s all about setting a goal to complete the race distance. ANYONE OF ANY ABILITY CAN TAKE PART.As there are a wide range of distances for participants to take part in, anyone of any ability and age can take part. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting into fitness or an elite athlete who regularly competes, there’s a challenge for everyone.


1) SIgn Up For Virtual Challenge

The hardest part is getting started, this is an self investment to yourself to sign up giving you a challenge! Each race benefits a different charity. Click on the race to get all of the details, including the distances you can choose from and the charity being donated to.

2) Get Active

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for– the beginning of the real challenge! It is now the time to start running, walking, cycling, swimming or any of your preferred distance-based activities. So you might be wondering what are “distance-based” exercises? This could be running, walking, cycling, and rowing. Any activity that is based on distance can be counted.

3) Submit Your Evidence

You have plenty of options when submitting evidence, at I CHALLENGE MYSELF, you can submit evidence linking right here . You’ll have to submit your evidence to us as proof of your achievement – but don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds! Screenshots of tracking apps, photos of your smartwatch records, spreadsheets and even a handwritten record of your results will be accepted.

4) Award Time! Get Your Medal / Trophy!

Congratulations on completing the challenge! Ask yourself, how do you feel when completing a challenge? It feels good, trust us! Celebrate your achievement with a finisher’s medal! After our evidence has been quickly verified by our team, your slick and unique limited-edition medal will be in the mail.

As this experience is one for the books, the medal also serves as a great reminder of how you persevered and how you pushed yourself above boundaries. Undeniably, the medal is also a marker of your gain after the pain.

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time fitness enthusiast, you always have a community with I CHALLENGE MYSELF AWARDS. SMASH YOUR FITNESS GOALS IN 2021! What are you waiting for? START now and enjoy the journey ahead

I CHALLENGE MYSELF offer a variety of virtual challenges with a wide range of distance goals. Simply choose your goal, get moving, record your evidence, and receive a shiny medal.

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