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The best pre workout exercises for runners

Many runners know they need to stretch, but that doesn't mean they do. And even when they do take the time to relax, they may not be doing the stretch correctly or doing them incorrectly.

It doesn't help that thinking about how stretching - whether it's best done before or after a run, for example - has changed over time. Stretching advice has also evolved, with a focus on dynamic movements rather than the static pattern of flexing and touching the toes. But many runners are creatures of habit and can still perform the same moves they chose decades ago on the track team.

The good news is it's never too late to start stretching or start doing it right. And now is an especially good time to study this technique, as the pandemic has ushered in an ongoing renaissance.

Listen to the video above to find out the best exercises you can do before you run

Level up your running knowledge below

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