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Staying Active Over Lockdown With I Challenge Myself

Hey, It is Yoel. In order for us to stay healthy and active. Exercising can help at home or outside! This can help you and me look after our health and wellbeing to keep fit and active! So here at a few things you can do over lockdown.

Outdoor Walks Or Cycles -

As part of the new rules, people can still meet for exercise, such as a walk, with one other person from another household as long as they maintain social distance. Places you can enjoy walks include parks, beaches and the countryside.

Home Workouts

If you would prefer to get active in the comfort of your own home, there are a number of online exercise classes and home workouts you could try. There are loads to choose from and most of them are free and require little to no equipment – have a search on YouTube to see what you can find. I Challenge Myself offer a free 7 Day Home Workout Challenge! 7 different home workouts which require no equipment. If you up for it, you can even enter a challenge and when you complete the workouts, you receive a medal for it!

Take activity breaks

Take care of your posture, with most people spending more time at home, it can be easy to spend your days sitting or lying down. Remember to stretch during the day. It’s important for your health that you spend some time on your feet every day, which will also help to break up your day. Even household chores like gardening and cleaning count as physical activity and can help to make a real difference.

Everyone loves a medal! What a great opportunity to stay active at home and complete a challenge. Set your self a goal or enter a virtual challenge where you can receive a medal and tshirt for entering! What would the challenge be? It could be your first 5K, 10K, Home Workout Challenge, Step challenge etc etc. You got a huge range of choices! I Challenge Myself offer a free couch to 5K program which can you help you achieve your first 5K.

Want a long distance challenge or a month challenge? Find all our challenges on the link here.

And if none of those appeal why not put on some music and have a dance round your living room? It doesn't have to be a structured class to get your heart pumping and improve your mood.

Yoel Levy

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