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Should I try to increase my speed or distance?

When it comes to setting goals for pace and distance, new runners frequently struggle. If you're just starting out, you might be unsure about whether to focus on increasing your distance first or your speed. The quick response is to first prepare for long distances.

It's best for you to begin by developing your basis of endurance. That implies that you must first improve your aerobic capacity. To make longer runs more pleasant, you increase your mileage. Your speed will increase as your stamina increases.

Speed vs. Distance for New Runners

When you first start running, you might be inclined to focus on speed. Better race times are certainly pleasing. But if you engage in speed training before developing a solid endurance base, you run the danger of getting hurt.

A excellent strategy to make sure you are developing the strength and aerobic capacity you will need to start exercising harder and quicker is to gradually increase your distance as you start your training. And it makes sense to go for distance before you start to increase speed if you want to get ready for a race like your first 5K. In the end, it doesn't really matter whether you run quickly but lack the endurance to finish the marathon.

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