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Should I Run With A Cold?

When you go for a run, your body must divide its energy between exercise and recovery. The worst-case scenario is that you feel worse or recover considerably more slowly after your run.

Staying indoors for too long may prove difficult, and you may feel compelled to go for a run to help you feel better. If you really can't seem to resist the need to go outside, try the following first.

Running Tips For Those Who Have A Cold

Reduce the intensity and move at a relaxed pace.

Interval exercise should be stopped since it puts your body under too much stress.

Cut the distance – this isn't the time to go for a long run.

Turn off any GPS monitoring gadgets to avoid being tempted to overwork oneself.

Avoid running in a competitive group that will push you above your limits.

Avoid races if at all possible; you may need to withdraw from any upcoming major events. Don't forget to dress appropriately for the weather. Be sure to wear a beanie cap, arm warmers, and gloves in addition to winter running gear like long tights and thermal base layers.

Level up your running knowledge

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