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Medal Display - Why You Should Have A Medal Holder For Your Medal Collection!

Turn your Medal Display into a Piece of Art. What is a medal holder?

A hexagon shaped modular which has a component where you put your medal in which will stick to the rest of the block! It may take a minute to set up but a lifetime on your wall! A WOW factor when someone walks into your house and sees a range of beautiful medals displayed! Recognising your own personal achievement. The back of the block has tape which easily peels off and then you stick it onto the wall!

This blog will tell you 5 benefits why you should have a premium medal holder for your medal collection! At the end, it will show you a video on how the medal holder works!

Benefit 1) No need for any nails!

The blocks easily attach to the wall using 2 double sided tapes. Each component also features a removable part that allows you to rearrange your medals as you wish without having to remove the main block from the wall. Most hangers require screws and nails, hence, the medal holder is a easier way of displaying your medals!

Benefit 2) The Shape!

The hexagon 6 sided shape makes it easy to create awesome patterns. So many different options you have! Just look at the photo below! Are you ready to build your own honeycomb? Lets move on to benefit 3

Benefit 3) Motivation! Desire! Hard-work!

You have worked hard to earn your medal! Now display it with pride! Once you get a few, you will only want more and more! That is a good, motivation to complete more challenges, races etc! Showcase Your Hard-Earned Medals.


So we have looked at the various benefits! How does it work? The video below is a full demonstration to how to put your medal into the medal holder.

Once you complete the first medal, you will become a master at displaying your medal holders!

Do you want a change of display from a classic medal hanger?

Do you have left over hard earned medals in a box that you want to display?


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