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Is running bad for your knees? The Facts About Running's Effects on Your Knees

Running on the ground is an excellent kind of exercise. Along with other advantages, it can also be therapeutic, reduce tension, and improve the quality of your sleep.

However, considering the repetitive impact of running, it can also be physically taxing. Many people question if running is bad for their knees in particular.

This article explores that query, determines the response, and provides advice on how to look after your knees as you run.

How does running affect your knees?

Running itself is not harmful to your knees, but running incorrectly is.

In fact, overuse injuries, which occur when your body is put under greater stress than it can manage, account for the majority of knee ailments brought on by jogging.

Running too many miles before your muscles, bones, joints, and cartilage are prepared for more can raise your risk of injury, whether it's because you're increasing your training schedule too quickly or not giving yourself enough time to recover between runs.

Factors that can aggravate the impact of running on your knees

Running, however, can be taxing on your knees due to a few factors. These consist of:

Bad form. Although proper running form is intricate and nuanced, the fundamentals include facing forward, maintaining good posture, keeping your arms at 90 degrees, and moving quickly with mid-foot strikes. You run the risk of causing knee pain if you step on your heel.

Bad footwear It's important to pick the right shoe for your gait and foot, especially if you run long distances. The amount of cushioning, arch support, and breadth of the running shoe are all significant factors. If you can, have your foot correctly fitted at a nearby running store.

stiff surfaces. many people discover that

Conclusion point - anything done with bad form and doing too much off is bad for your knees. Too many squats? Bad for your knees? Too many steps? Bad for your knees? Too many football matches? Bad for your knees? Too many deadlifts? Bad for your knees? Same goes with running

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