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Include these two exercises when you next warm up

Preparing physically and mentally for your chosen activity is the goal of warming up before physical action. As you warm up, your heart rate and blood flow rise, allowing more oxygen to reach your muscles. The connections between your nerves and muscles are also activated and primed during a warm-up, which increases movement efficiency.

How should I warm up before working out?

A 10-minute warm-up for mild physical exercise should include some dynamic stretching motions that are appropriate for the activity you're about to conduct as well as some light aerobic activity.

How do I relax after working out?

Simply decrease the intensity of the exercise you have been doing. If you have been running, switch to jogging; if you have been swimming quickly, switch to swimming slowly. Your heart rate will gradually drop as a result, and the healing process will get started. You can assist your mind and body return to a resting state by gently stretching each of the major muscle groups for 10 to 15 seconds.

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