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How To Run Regularly (Even When You Don't Feel Like It)

It is a place where you may push yourself, accomplish a goal, set a personal record, and make both large and minor advancements. The main focus here is progress, whether you wish to start running or improve as a runner. Don't let's accept more of the same. Your body aspires to serve you. It's time to start considering how we move through daily life and to make a commitment to moving our bodies better. Let's take on a new challenge and see what happens if you have reached a plateau physically or mentally. Here are eight quick, achievable techniques to improve consistency and fall (or rediscover!) in love with exercise.

Here are some more tips

Choose a goal that you can accomplish.

Too often, after beginning a rigorous workout regimen or joining a gym, we lose interest. I advise choosing projects with a short duration—between two and four weeks. Why? Because achieving our objectives helps us all feel validated.

Consider Alternatives

Don't restrict your fitness to scheduled exercises! You can work up a sweat by performing routine tasks like mowing the lawn, washing the car, cleaning the baseboards, and carrying groceries. So, perform a few shoulder presses with a gallon of milk and reward yourself!

Pay attention to your body.

If you've been running for a while, you may be aware of your mile or 5K speed. I've got your back if you've only ever fled when someone was after you. When discussing pace and effort, I like to describe how it feels. After all, I want you to pay attention to your body at every turn. Assess your perceived effort as you run on a scale of 1 to 10.

Level up your running knowledge

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