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How to Recycle Your Old Running Shoes in 2022

Take a look in your closet or garage—we're willing to bet you, like many other runners, have a stack of used running shoes on the floor.

These shoes collect faster than we'd think, whether it's because we get connected to a pair after putting in a lot of miles or we're saving them for mowing the lawn or the rare "painting the house" activity.

But let's say you're ready to upgrade your running shoes and get rid of your old pair. First and foremost, don't just toss them in the garbage can unless they're nearly damaged. Running shoes take a lot of energy to make and utilise a lot of synthetic materials, so it's best to recycle them whenever feasible.


Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe/Grind Program is a powerhouse in the footwear and clothing industry. Nike has devised a novel method for repurposing discarded running shoes.


One World Running - Not all shoes need to be ground into little rubber shards. A shoe that has been gently worn can be reused. a non-profit organisation based in Colorado Since 1986, One World Running has provided running shoes to the least poor.


Soles4Souls - Recycling 56 million pairs of shoes and counting, Soles4Soles' mission is all about turning shoes and clothing into opportunity.

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