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How To Make Your Run More Productive

We all have those days where we start a run and that feel good feeling is just not there! So here are 4 ways to help you to make your run more productive and effective!

NUMBER 1) Plan - STRUCTURE YOUR SESSION! Structure your plan, what goals have you set? Short term goal? Long term Goal? Having that vision of how far you are going to run will help you achieve it! That motivated driven mindset

NUMBER 2) WARM UP - Warming up the body can make the difference in how your run goes! It is vital to warm up before any type of physical activity. Injuries are not fun! Warm up allows your heart rate to increase and warms up the muscles so you feel ready mentally and physically!

NUMBER 3) Fuel - FOOD! Our energy system when doing aerobic workout such as a long distance run needs carbohydrates and fats to fuel the run! Remember to have a good pre meal a few hours before running! FOOD = ENERGY!

NUMBER 4) MUSIC! Always fun to switch up when you run! Listen to something that puts a smile onto your smile! Listen to something which will push you that extra gear.

Take those small steps and have a productive workout 🙌

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