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How to make todays run so much better than yesterdays run

Even for just one day, taking a break from running might be much harder than it seems. We prefer to concentrate on the benefits of the sport, and with good reason: Running lets us get outside, relieve stress, build muscle, spark creativity, and engage in competition, and all those endorphins help elevate our moods and control our irritability. However, as much as those miles are good for us, they may also be harmful to us if we aren't careful to take breaks.

This is due to the fact that running causes minor tissue damage as well as the building of stamina and strength in your body. You can perform better the following week, month, or race if you give yourself enough time to rest afterward.

Rest is essential if you're trying to avoid an injury (and who isn't?). Running is wonderful for your bones because the impact strains the bone tissue, which accelerates cell turnover and causes the bone to reconstruct with stronger structures, much like it would with a muscle.

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