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How to increase your running time in 2022

Run More Often

In many cases, increasing your weekly mileage will help to increase your overall speed. If you normally run once a week but participate in workout classes most other days of the week, you may notice improvements in your pace if you swap a few of those workout days with running days.

Work On Your Form

Proper running form can make you a more efficient runner. Making small adjustments to your posture and your gait helps your body to move with less exertion and more ease. The result is that you have more energy available to you to help fuel a faster running pace. Tip: Relax your shoulders and allow your arms to swing naturally as you run.

Rest your body

Don't assume that running hard every day will make you faster. Rest is critical to your recovery and injury prevention efforts. You may find that you run faster when you take at least one day off from the sport each week. On your recovery days, you can still participate in physical activity, but keep it easy and enjoyable. Your brain can benefit from a break from high-intensity activities as well, improving your emotional health.

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