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How to Get Back on Track with your Running Goals

After the long holiday season, no access to any fitness facilities or after a vacation, you could feel swollen, slow and heavy from all the indulgences of recent weeks. There is no single way to get back into healthier habits, but these tricks are ways in which you can help you improve your diet on track, lose weight and feel great.


Despite taking some time off, you are still a runner and no one can take that title away from you. So number 1.


Let me ask you this. Why did you run in the first place?

What was the WHY? Did you want to lose some weight? Just become more confident? Want to improve your running time?

Maybe your WHY has changed and that is OKAY.

Think about what the new WHY could be?

2) Mix it up

Change up what you listen to: Maybe it's a new race piece, it could be a new playlist or a podcast, it could be a new execution partner. We present something a little different can avoid boredom.

Where you run: a new road or a track can breathe fresh air in a family routine.

When you run: The day of change at night, thanks to the increase of the available sun, you can encourage experience.

3) Find your running & walking buddy

It is not a secret that has someone who holds him responsible: a friend, a coach, a running group. This is especially true when you're trying to go back to where you were once. Maybe join a local running group, You'll meet friends who can help to hold you accountable as you rebuild your program and your runs may be more enjoyable with friendly conversations.

4) Consider a virtual running event with I Challenge Myself

Once you have a few weeks with your belt, you may want a virtual challenge. Start with a shorter event, like a 5K, before registering for a longer race. Have a career on the calendar can help you be motivated while training. You may also want to recruit a friend or family member to execute it with you for more motivation or fun.

5) Build a habit

After a long pause, it can be difficult to return to the running slot on a regular basis. And if you are a typical Runner, install the high standards for you for the rhythm than for the distance. When performing again, it is important to focus first on consistency. Don't worry about how fast or far away you work, just set small goals to run regularly.

6) Rest

Taking a rest day allows your body to absorb the training, adapt to the stress, and grow stronger than before. It also ensures that your on days are on, which allows you to gain more from future workouts.

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