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How to Choose The Right Running Shoe For You

Whether you're running for fun or preparing for a marathon, the perfect running shoes will give the proper foundation for your entire body, help you avoid injuries, and make logging those kilometers much more enjoyable. Finally, the proper pair will be comfortable right away and match your running style.

1. Think about where you're going to run


Do you spend most of your time on the road? Or do you prefer to go along the footpaths and gravel paths? Road running, trail running, or cross-training shoes are your options.

2. Choose whether you want more or less cushioning beneath your feet.

Do you want to run on a cloud with maximal cushion or do you want to feel the ground beneath your feet? In the manufacture of a running shoe, cushioning—the thickness of the material under the midsole and the stiffness of the foam—and heel drop are two aspects to consider.

3. Determine whether you require a certain form of gait support.

Most runners can choose a neutral shoe, but if your foot tends to roll to the outside or inside, there are several options.

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