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How to become motivated after a bad run in 2022

Running is a mental game, and your body will follow your instructions. Positive thinking will get you far—negativity will get you nowhere! It's difficult not to feel discouraged or defeated after a bad run.

Don't be so hard on yourself! Instead of giving up right away, take a break and think about the run afterwards. What areas do you think could use some work? What was it about this run that made it a "bad" one? You'll find it easier to get out there and try again once you've nailed these things down. Allow yourself some leeway because not every run will be flawless.

Have you set a running goal for yourself? If you don't have one, make one! You'll have a commitment to work toward once you've set a goal. All that is required now is the desire to succeed. Setting a goal will also help you stay on track. Instead of dwelling on your poor performance, use it as motivation to improve and crush the next one!

Next time this happens, do these three things

Recover in a proper manner

If you had a bad run during a race, don't let your unsatisfactory finish time get in the way of a full recovery. Even after workouts that don't meet your highest expectations, your body needs time to rest and rebuild. In fact, it may require even more recovery.

Spend at least a day or two doing activities that are gentle on your body and reduce joint impact. If you ran a longer race (such as a half marathon, marathon, or ultramarathon), you should plan on recovering for several weeks. An easy bike ride, swimming, restorative yoga, or a short walk or hike are all good options.

Determine What Went Wrong

Take some time to consider why you had a bad run or finished poorly in a race when you have a bad run. Make a list of basic questions for yourself.

* Do you feel sluggish as a result of overtraining? Then you may need to reduce your training, add cross training, or include active recovery sessions. Did you get enough to eat and drink? If not, switch up your pre- and post-workout nutrition. Make sure you're getting enough calories to fuel your workouts, and work with a nutritionist to assess your macronutrient balance.

Remember the why!

Keep in mind why you run. Even if your training run or race was excruciatingly painful, there are still advantages to participating in the sport of running. You can overcome frustration by reminding yourself of these reasons.

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