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How Much Protein Are Needed by Runners?

To perform well on race day and to build strength and endurance, one must consume adequate protein. Here's a guide to meeting your demands.

The advantages of protein have long been praised by strength athletes. But not so with marathon runners.

However, it turns out that protein is just as essential for distance runners as it is for weightlifters since it helps with immune function, tissue repair, exercise recovery, injury prevention, and the creation of red blood cells that carry oxygen.

How Much Protein Are Needed by Runners?

More than you would likely imagine.

The RDA for protein is 0.36 grammes per pound of body weight, but research shows that many adults, particularly athletes, need more than that. Ludlow advises daily protein intake for athletes of 0.5 to.9 grammes per pound of body weight. That is 75 to 135 grammes of protein per day for a runner who weighs roughly 150 pounds.

It is likely sufficient for short-distance runners to consume half their body weight in grammes of protein every day. However, people who run more than a few hours each week, such as the majority of marathoners and endurance athletes, need to consume closer to their body weight in grammes of protein.

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