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Fun Fitness Ideas

It is natural to get bored of the same exercises, doing the same workout again and again! Time to spice it up? There are various ways you can workout which is fun, intense and whilst while! Some keep you active and healthy without putting maximum effort in!

Changing and exploring different fitness actives keeps you engaged and motivated with your fitness goals! Lets get discuss some fun fitness ideas.

Hike or Bike or Swim Are you a runner? A gym member?

A great social opportunity to get active with the family and dogs! Around the world, around where you live, I am sure there are plenty of beautiful hikes. There maybe some open water swimming if you want to explore taking up swimming! Embrace the coldness for the benefits of exercise! Online HIIT Workout With modern technology and increase on online fitness instructors. You have a whole range of people you do a workout with! Explore different personalities and see which one suits you!You always feel better after a tough HIIT workout! There are different levels of workouts that you can do with your children so everyone is getting active! Dance/ Zumba Everyone loves a boogie-woogie! Whilst you are doing a boogie-woogie, you are also burning plenty of calories. You could put your favourite music on and go for a free for all dance or follow an online video! For an effective workout that targets specific muscles and is structured, consider a dance-based workout class such as Zumba. During these classes you will be constantly moving and should stimulate your muscles. Virtual Challenges Virtual race or challenges requires self motivated and determined! This is a self investment working on different challenges earning beautiful medals! But today, it is not only running challenges anymore! There are home workout medal and Wellness medals! So you can focus on creating healthy wellness habits such as reading a book, getting your daily steps in and many more! I CHALLENGE MYSELF offers virtual challenges in distance, wellness and home workout challenges.That Award can : make the memory last

  • capture the moment

  • recognise your own actions and behaviour

  • build confidence in yourself

  • develop new positive habits

Repeat after me, "I CHALLENGE MYSELF TO..." Will it be enter a challenge? Overcome fitness barriers! What is your challenge going to be? I

Complete your challenge and even get a medal for all your hard work! Refresh your fitness and have some fun! Sign up today.

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