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Best way to display medals without drilling into the walls.

Here we discuss two different ways you can display your medal collection without needing any tools and drills! These are called the: THE TABLETOP MEDAL DISPLAY and THE PREMIUM HONEYCOMB MEDAL HOLDER!


1) Easy to set up - the single honeycomb module comes in two parts. You put the medal in component which attaches to the base due to a magnetic connection. Where as the tabletop is making a lovely knot with with your medal!

2) The WOW factor - these are both modern ways to display the medals. The honeycomb medal holder is shaped with 6 sides so you can make a beautiful pattern. The tabletop medal holder would look super nice on your desk!

3) No more drilling into the walls - I think it is a huge factor when choosing your medal display! Once you drill the hole into the wall, thats it! Your medals on the tabletop do not need to go near the wall. It can be put anywhere: Kitchen table, bedroom etc etc!

Now lets explore into each medal holder. After this, will be compare each medal display!

The Premium Honeycomb Medal Hanger! Turn your wall into a piece of art. Set of modular sport medal display holder in Oak Wood! Each module holds one medal. Create a beautiful pattern on your wall with these hexagonal shaped modules! The future of medal displays are here, no need for anymore holes in the wall. Put the medal into the holder, peel off the adhesive tape and stick to the wall.


Premium Table Top Medal Holder! No more drilling holes into the walls! Dust off your collection of race medals and put them on display with the premier tabletop running race medal display. 5K, 10K, Marathon, Sports, ultramarathon! Any type of medal! It’s expertly crafted from hand-forged steel to ensure its durability. The stand includes several metal rings from which you can hang your medals in any order you wish. It holds over 60 race medals, so there is plenty of room for your entire collection. Your guests will love to admire this great conversation piece. This premier race display stand is incredibly easy to assemble and requires no tools.

Now let us talk about the difference between them both! They both have the benefits but there are major difference which may help you decide which one you want!

Number 1) Price - The Honeycomb medal holder starts at £15.00 for a unit but if you order a pack of 6 and 12, you save a lot of money on the unit price! The Tabletop comes out at £49.99 which is a cheaper if order over 6 or 12 medal holders! This leads to the next comparsions

Number 2) Number of medals on each display - If you have a huge box of medals or you want to change from a frame and you have lots of medals! This can hold up to 60 medals! Compared to the medal holder where each module holds one medal.

Number 3) The Appearance - The honeycomb medal holders has a huge wow factor! It lights up any room and the wooden product makes it look extra nice! It makes each medal stand out. However, if you like the ribbon of the medal, the tabletop holder is for you!

Number 4) Weight and Size of Medal - In recent years, medals are getting bigger and bigger and bigger! The tabletop is a very strong frame which will hold bigger medals. Some ultra marathon medals are huge today, some are even bigger than the the premium honeycomb holder.

So that was 4 major differences which may help you when deciding your next medal holder!

At I CHALLENGE MYSELF, we offer both of these displays, you will not find them cheaper anywhere else. Click the link below to find your next medal holder!

By Yoel Levy - Founder of I Challenge Myself