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Avoiding Common Running Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes while running at some point during training and racing. This is especially true when you are just getting started with running. Because these running errors can lead to injuries and other issues, it's critical to understand what they are and how to avoid them.

Here are other common mistakes

Wearing Inappropriate Footwear

Running injuries can occur if you wear old running shoes or the wrong type of running shoes for your foot and running style.

Too much work, too soon

The issue: Many runners, particularly those who are new to the sport, make the "terrible too's" error. They become so enthused about running that they put in too much mileage, too quickly, and too soon. They begin to sign up for numerous races without taking any time to rest or recover.

Not Getting Enough Water

The issue: Many runners underestimate how much fluid they lose during their runs and don't drink enough to avoid side stitches. As a result, they become dehydrated, which can have a negative impact on their performance and health.


The issue: Some runners who are training for specific races or goals push themselves too hard, run too many miles, and don't take enough rest. They believe that running every day will improve their fitness and speed. For runners, overtraining is the leading cause of injury and burnout.

Breathing incorrectly

The issue: Some runners are unsure how to breathe properly while running. They begin to breathe too quickly, which can result in side stitches.

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