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9 ways and tips to stay active in the winter

The weather during Winter can be a huge fitness barrier. The cold, the lack of daylight and that temptation of staying bed that extra minute longer because IT IS COLD! So here at 9 ways to stay active in the winter. Lets overcome the winter barrier and achieve our fitness goals!

1) WORKOUT AT HOME - Buy some exercise equipment like a yoga mat or hand weights and make your own home gym. Try using YouTube or fitness apps to find exercise routines to follow along with and get yourself moving.

2) MAKE MOST OF STAIRS - Either at home or in your workplace, spend as little as five minutes at a time climbing up and down the stairs for a very intense and efficient workout (KEEPS YOU WARM ASWELL).

3) KEEP UP WITH YOUR NORMAL HEALTHY ROUTINE - The main reason why your couch seems a little too tempting during the winter is due to a lack of energy. Winter months can cause you to feel sluggish and lethargic. To combat this, make sure you get plenty of sleep and keep up with your healthy diet plan throughout the year. The more energized you feel, the easier it will be to stay active.

4) Play some indoor sports.The winter months are a great time to start playing some of your favorite indoor sports. Check for places in your community that offer indoor basketball, soccer, or volleyball courts.

5) KEEP WARM WHILST EXERCISING OUTSIDE .The best approach to dressing for outdoor activity is with layers. Layering provides the most effective way to stay warm and dry. Plus you can remove the top layer if you get too hot. The layer closest to your skin should allow moisture to be wicked away; avoid cotton because once it gets wet, it tends to stay wet. The top layer should be both wind- and water-resistant.

6) DRINK UP - It's just as important to stay hydrated when active in winter as it is in summer, even though you might not feel as thirsty. Drink water before, during and after an outdoor workout.

7) DAILY WALKS - Create a routine of going on daily walks, whenever is best for you! This will help you get into a walking routine, with a friend or family member! Embrace the coldness and enjoy the lovely parks!

8) STAY MOTIVATED - Remind yourself of why it’s so important to stay active throughout the year – even when it feels hard to do so. If you prefer outdoor exercise, think of indoor exercise as a great way to switch up your routine and work your body in a different way than you usually do. This leads to number 9!

9) ENTER A VIRTUAL CHALLENGE - A virtual challenge keeps you in line, keeps you motivated! Gives you an incentive to complete! Here at I CHALLENGE MYSELF! We have various challenges for any activity (Walking, running , swimming, cycling etc)! Keep the challenge at your own pace so if you want to run and it is to slippy, better not to run for safety! Complete the challenge when you can!

Enter today!

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