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3 Strategies For Regaining Your Running Mojo

Your desire to run can change at any time. It can occasionally burn bright, energising you during chilly and early-morning runs. The motivation to even put on your running shoes seems difficult at other times when it's nowhere to be found. Remember that you're not alone if you're now experiencing a lack of running motivation. Almost all runners have lost their sense of intrinsic motivation to run at some point.

Make sure you're scheduling appropriate downtime.

The need of setting aside time for recovery and relaxation is sometimes disregarded by runners, especially those with Type-A personalities. Whether it's during exercise or in a stressful setting, we frequently spend too much of our waking hours in a "fight or flight" condition.

Alter the setting

It might grow boring to run the same routes every day, and it's simple to fall into a rut.

Find a new place to run to temporarily boost your running motivation.

Adapt Your Running Program

Regular runners incur a significant danger of developing a running pattern when they run the same distance and at the same speed each day.

Their exercise routine grows tiresome as their pace slows down to a melancholy trot. I've been there, running my daily 25-minute 5ks. After a while, it becomes monotonous, and you lose the enthusiasm that motivates you to run well. You should occasionally mix up your running a little.

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