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2 Common Running Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2022

You've probably made a few running gaffes, whether you're a seasoned runner or a beginner. Larger errors may be more obvious, but even minor errors can result in injury or a drop in performance over time. Check to see if you've made any of these common blunders, and if you have, it's time to correct them.

Mistake Number 1

Only Running and nothing else

A good head-clearing run is unbeatable, but strength training is also necessary to stay strong and injury-free. Aim for a couple of 20- to 30-minute workouts per week. Don't know where to begin? Mobility work, core strengthening exercises, and foam rolling are all excellent choices. Muscles and tendons that are strong and resilient can help you avoid injury and run pain-free.

Mistake Number 2

Not warming up

Warming up your body helps it prepare for aerobic activity. Warming up your cardiovascular system gradually increases blood flow to your muscles and raises your body temperature. Warming up can also help with muscle soreness and injury prevention.

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