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Frequently asked questions

Virtual Challenge

What is a 'Virtual Challenge'?

A virtual challenge is a challenge that you control, at your own pace, whenever is best with you! Complete the challenge, submit the evidence form. Earn your award for your hard work!

Do you give to charity?

Yes, 10% of all profits go to charity. Each challenge has a different charity related to the challenge!

Why would I pay money for a 'medal'?

A question that a lot of people may think before entering the challenge. This is a SELF INVESTMENT... How many times do you say 'I am going to do something' and 2 days in, you give up. This award gives you an incentive to finish the challenge, overcome barriers. Gaining amazing benefits whilst completing the challenge! Ask yourself the same question after you complete the challenge when you receive the medal. It is not going to be easy, but it is worth it!

How do I submit evidence for a Home Workout or Wellness Challenge?

When you fill out the submission form, a series of questions will be asked for you to complete, we would love to see photos of you doing the home workouts or taking part of the wellness challenges. Example : Wellness Challenge : A photo of you reading the book, a photo of you achieving your daily step count Home Workout Challenge: A post workout photo

What is your return policy?

We do not offer any refunds or returns unless the medal is damaged (Please Read Terms And Conditions). If you decide this challenge is not for you, you could choose another challenge! Please read terms and conditions. Please send us a message or email so we can help you out if you have any questions.

What should I do before i enter a challenge?

Please read our FAQ's and Terms and Conditions

I have another question?

Free feel to message us regarding any sort of question! Our aim is to help you achieve your wellness and fitness goals.

Can I order more than one?

You can order more than one but we will be sending all the medals in the order together. If you have entered into a challenge which is later in the year, again, we will wait till we can send all the orders together. For example, if you enter a long distance challenge and a small distance challenge, we will send them together once you have sumbitted evidence. We recommend ordering 1 by 1.

Can I recieve my order early

YES! It is your challenge, we trust all our challengers. Message us if you want to receive your medal early.


International Shipping? Of course!

100% Yes. We have challengers across the globe. These challenges are for everyone! There are small delivery fees for customers outside the UK.

What are the delivery information?

MEDALS: UK- FREE Outside the UK - £5.00 for shipping. For others products from SHOP or TROPHIES, small delivery charge depending on the weight of the product. Free International Shipping for orders over £80.00 Please contact us if you have further questions. If you enter multiple challenges, you will save on shipping prices.

When will my order arrive?

Medals UK - We use Royal Mail First Class so aim to get the medal sent off 48 hours after submitting evidence* International - We use Royal Mail International Standard, Aim to get the medals sent off 48 hours after submitting evidence, Europe - 4-6 working days and the rest of the world 7-10 working days. Most of the time, your medal will arrive safe and sound, but some countires have poor postal services and there is a chance your medal will not arrive. If you would like to add insurance or tracked, please contact us with your shipping address and will give you an exact quote of the difference. We will keep updating this answer in case in any changes! *This depends on what challenge you have entered. SHOP For all our apparel, we use a print on demand service. The products worldwide takes 2-7 days to be fullied and then average 10 days for delivery times. Medal holders are shipped from the UK, these share the same delivery information as all the medals.

Submit Evidence

How do I submit evidence?

Fill out the submission form, when we receive the form, the award will be sent to you in the post. If you want the medal earlier, pop us an email and we can arrange something.

How do I know that i had submitted the evidence?

Once you click you submit, you will receive an email that you completed a form, please check your spam or all mail. Feel free to message us about any questions you have.

Is there another way of sumbitting evidence?

Of course, you may message us on any social media platform with your NAME, EMAIL and evidence! We are flexible and want to make it as easy for you to submit!

How do I track my distance

There are many apps on your phone such as: Strava and the apple heatlh app which will tell you the distance. We understand that we may not always be easy to get a photo evidence! So send us what you can! We are very flexible

Do I have to submit evidence?

Nope! Not everyone can track evidence. If you would like to recieve your medal early or when you finish the challenge. You can message us to send you the medal

Virtual Events & Fitness Challenges




I Challenge Myself was founded in July 2020 in the UK. I Challenge Myself creates fitness and wellness virtual challenges gaining awards. Your can complete a challenge over a period of time. Our goal is to inspire people to start their fitness journey and to cherish the active lifestyle. Join our facebook community challengers group.



  • Enter a challenge

  • Complete challenge 

  • Submit evidence 

  • We send your award to you!

Virtual challenges are the latest trend to hit the fitness world, adored by both fitness fanatics and those getting into fitness for the first time. I Challenge Myself challenges can to completed anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. Complete the challenge, submit your evidence and receive your award. 


  • Amazing Medals

  • Amazing Trophies 

  • Boost your motivation

  • Achieve your goals